Frequently Asked Questions

Our Project Managers will stay in constant contact with you regarding your project.  We will also customize reporting forms to capture all the information you require such as progress photos, notes, parts needed, etc.

Each project is different—whether it’s a store remodel or a fixture build, we will work with you on a project timeline and go over any pitfalls before they arise to ensure complete satisfaction.

Yes, on most projects! Our employees can modify their work area to ensure customer safety, cleanliness and the least amount of disruption as possible.  We can also work the third shift so that we only are only in-store during non-business hours.  All of our employees are held accountable to the highest standards so you can expect nothing less!

FPG Retail Construction Services, Inc. was incorporated on 6/28/21.  While we are a young company, our experience is not!  With a combined 100 years’ experience of our workforce, our clients are appreciative of our knowledge and work ethic.

We try to handle most of the work in-house, but there may be times we need to rely on our database of trusted and accountable sub-contractors, to which we hold to the same standards as our employees.

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