our company

FPG Retail Construction Services, Inc.

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience to fulfill your every need.  For projects of any scale, we are here for you.  FPG was created with the sole intention of getting the job done right the first time using experienced teams and working together to ensure every project is successful from start to finish.


Our mission is to fulfill the needs of both clients and employees, where each stands out as a unique individual, never just a number, while working together as a unified team to ensure complete success on every project in our care.

The FPG Namesake-Our Inspirations


The mathematician!  Fred puts the “F” in FPG!  Fred is a smart, loving, video game playing, soccer and percussion enthusiast, energetic and fun 13 year old!  


The artist!  Phoebe puts the “P” in FPG! Phoebe is a smart, loving, creative, cheerleading, happy and friendly and “always thinking ahead” 11 year old!


The baby!  Grantham puts the “G” in FPG! Grantham is a smart, loving, silly, non-sleeping because there’s too-much-to-explore 3 year old!